Designing for Sports — Areena Product Design Case Study

It all started with…

I received this project with an already established proof of concept. The owner of the platform had designed and developed a basic version of the app using a no-code platform. They needed to scale at this point and our team helped them create a robust foundation to make that happen. This was done through the redesign of the app to onboard more players, and re-develop it with a much more stable technological architecture.

My job was to re-structure the information architecture, rethink the current features, integrate new features that improved player engagement and re-design the UI for the player facing app.

Design Process

To kick things off, I worked with an intern to pull apart all the existing user flows of the product. This deconstructed version gave me a clear understanding of their underlying goals and work towards optimising the flows to help users accomplish the tasks quickly. This, along with countless conversations with the clients and internal brainstorm sessions with the team helped me create a pool of all the possible features for the redesign of the app. These features were then divided into the ones that were of immediate need to get the product up and running, and the features that could potentially be added later on which helped us efficiently plan a roadmap.

Tackled Core Problems

Here are a few key problems that I tackled while redesigning

Challenges Faced

  • Since the product already had a customer base, the re-structuring of the architecture had to be done carefully to not confuse the existing players. I kept in mind the core flows of the app, the ones that the players were used to and focused on making them more efficient as opposed to reinventing the wheel.
  • Working with agility and in a lean manner, we worked to understand, design, develop and deliver the app in a span of 6 months.
  • Situated in India, our team worked through the distance from the main user base which was located in Texas. We used the existing statistics of the product to our advantage and had numerous conversations with the clients in order to clearly understand our target users.



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